Sump Pump installation, Maintenance, and Repair

How to take care of your sump pump.


You will often find houses that experience frequent floods in their basement. This can happen because of the water table of that region rising above normal levels. It can also happen if your house is at a lower level compared to ground level. In such a condition, only a sump pump can help you out. For those who are not aware, sump pumps are machines that are used to remove excess water accumulation in the basement. It collects water from the sump basins, that is located in the basin. This way, floods can be avoided in the basement.

Different problems your sump pump can face:

Sump pumps help in removing excess water in the times of flood. But what if your sump pump stops working? It means the flood gets even worse.

There can be different reasons why your sump pump stops working. Some of them are discussed below:

  • When the pump gets overloaded: it might so happen that your basement floods so much, that one single sump pump is not enough to pump out all the water from the basement. This is when the single pump gets overloaded and stops working. The result is that your basement gets flooded more than before.
  • It gets spoiled because of low quality: Not all sump pumps are made of good quality material. In such a case, the switches of the sump pumps can burn out and stop operating. If there is a power cut often, it might also lead to breakage of circuits. This results in damage of the sump pump.
  • The pump gets clogged: When the sump pump pulls in water, it might just happen that it pulls in some unnecessary dirt or particle that clogs the pump. It cannot pull water from sump pits.
  • The discharge pipe gets affected: discharge pipe is the one which is placed outside your house. During winters, this pipe gets frozen and might stop working. Otherwise, it might also get clogged with rocks and small chips that damages the sump pipe.

How can Professional Plumbing help you with these problems?

As the name goes, Professional Plumbers can help you install and repair your sump pump. They have employees who are experienced and provide fast and hassle-free services. Since, it is the case of a sump pump, it needs to be repaired immediately. They understand the seriousness of the situation and are there whenever you need them. The service offered by them is extremely reasonable and pocket friendly. If you are in any kind of need of repair of sump pumps, you can contact them and get rid of basement floods. So for these services Call Professional Plumbing in Los Angeles at  (323)597-4411